Basketball Team building

Try the Basketball Team Building to truly understand what being a team means. Elaborate a strategy with your team so that you can win a shooting contest. Enjoy the feeling of passing the ball and provide an assist to your teammate.


Work by yourself, and you will only lose energies and obtain very little; work together with your team, and you will have the opportunity to reach your goals!


“Basketball is a sport that requires a delicate fusion among the players at the highest speed, to get to the point where everybody thinks and moves together. To do that successfully, players must deeply trust each other, must know how their teammates react under pressure; a single player cannot do this all alone, no matter how stunning and powerful their game is, if the player is not psychologically in sync with the teammates, the team will never win an NBA title.” (Phil Jackson)


Why employ basketball as a team building activity?

In this sport, it is possible to find all the elements that actually make a group of people a real team. Its principles (motivation, attack, defence, support, teamwork, leadership) are essential components in the workplace as well.

Moreover, the experience on the basketball court is usually seen as something very distant and unrealistic due to age, gender or physical condition. On the contrary, it is very accessible and allows to change oneself opinions and beliefs and to work on oneself identity, both individually and as a part of a work team.


Formative goals:

  • Enhancing different roles and abilities;
  • Managing conflicts;
  • Facilitating cooperation, adaptability and flexibility;
  • Developing self-consciousness;
  • Encouraging risk-taking;
  • Supporting communication;
  • Promoting conscious access, selection and employment of resources;
  • Creating work teams.