Carton Boat Team Building

Building carton boats is one of the most fun, inventive and innovative that a group of people could experience as much as using unconventional material and resources stimulates imagination and creativity of all participants.

This is a half-day event where teams will be assigned with building a boat from scratch, out of just carton, packaging tape and coloured markers. Each team has a limited amount of time to design and build a boat worthy of sailing the seven seas. To face this challenge, teams have to work rapidly and to think creatively.

Our facilitators from the staff start the event with some icebreaking physical exercises to create an engaging and fun environment. We can also personalise the event based on more specific requirements from the client, like incorporate special messages, themes or learning goals tailored for your company.

Participants are then divided into teams of 6-8 people, each with the same assignment of building one carton boat that one or two teammates can sail through a body of water. Moreover, teams also have to perform a fun and engaging presentation that they created together!

Teams usually work with a limited budget, deadlines, presentations, change orders and unexpected obstacles, and collaborate effectively employing everyone's skills to achieve success!

Everyone is genuinely involved and committed to achieving their goals. Teams employ their creative skills to decorate the boat and to produce the presentation, and their logical skills to design and execute their project.

After finishing the boat, teams present their results to each other. Boats will be evaluated based on design and practicality of the boat, and efficacy of the presentation. Then boats are brought to the water and tested with a real regatta. So, you better paddle fast and reach the finish line before you drown!At the end of the sporting challenge, one team will win the "Creativity Grand Prix", and the team who won the regatta will be awarded the Game Cup.Do you want to personalise the Carton Boat Team Building for your next corporate event? Contact us and we will be more than glad to tell you how this activity can be tailored to your requirements.