Game of Drones


Games of Drones is the brand new team building format that uses highly innovative devices, remotely controlled from the iPad, equipped with in-flight video camera, customizable and innovative design.

In fact, the drones are devices capable of flying, remotely controlled to travel customizable routes, both indoor and outdoor.

The team building can be designed with maximum freedom giving participants the opportunity to take on breathtaking challenges and take part in team games.

The engines rotate on the propellers at a speed of 4000 rpm and offer the drones impeccable stability. Participants can express their artistic skills by mastering the various figures that can be created or by mastering their skills in breathtaking challenges in circuits full of obstacles and tight bends.

Some examples of challenges that we offer:

  • The Drones Race: Defend your team colours, challenge your opponents in a safe and equipped circuit.
  • Agility Test: During this test, the objective is no longer speed but control. Agility and skill in manoeuvring are the features of this challenge.
  • Freestyle Contest: This test uses the creativity and control of drones. The challenge is to pilot a drone freely and the only limitation is your imagination.

And at the end...the photos or the final Flashmob shot of your entire group from the Drone flying over you is a sight to behold!