Golf, leadership and mental training

Full immersion experience from half a day to one day, to train the mind and manage moods to improve performance at work by learning from golf.

You will learn in a dynamic, practical and engaging way the latest techniques of mental training applied in sports.

The golf competition is mostly played on a course along a span... the space between your ears. (Bobby Jones, golf legend)


Focusing solely on improving technical skills and equipment quality is not enough if you do not combine adequate preparation and enhancement of your psychological resources. Reaching and maintaining the right mental state, concentrating on reaching the objective, improving one's performance through adequate mental preparation, means having tools of exceptional value available for the outcome of one's performance.

The mind is the greatest weapon at my disposal. (Tiger Woods) 

A unique experience, which can provide participants with real personal tools to deal with moments of indecision, loss of vision or to manage business change with lucidity and determination. The encounter is supported by the presence of professional golfers who will play together with the participants and share their mental training.