Rock-climbing Team Building

Five reasons to choose rock-climbing as a team building activity


This sport is mainly focused on trust, communication, mental and physical strength. There is nothing like defying gravity and facing your fears to unite your team. Here are five good reasons for you to choose rock-climbing as your next team building activity:

  1. Rock-climbing encourages your team to get out of their comfort zone. It is possible that not all members of your team feel comfortable climbing a wall at a great height. However, that is why rock-climbing is a satisfying and exceptional team building activity. The fear of falling is just like the fear of failing: they both are relatively irrational. You will realise how protected you will feel in the harness, held from a rope by your trainer, who will observe all your moves and keep you completely safe at all times from the ground.
  2. It can be adapted to your team's formative goals. You can personalise the rock-climbing experience for your team. You might want to determine a goal in terms of meters to be collectively climbed and encourage your team to reach the goal by the end of the day.
  3. The pursuit of great heights is comparable to the pursuit of your company goals. The rock-climbing challenge is symbolic for the challenge of reaching the company goals - and maybe your personal goals as well. Good things do not come easily, and only through the help of your teammates that will be there to motivate and push you, you will be able to get to the top. Very often situations may seem easier from the ground rather than from various metres above the ground. Just a suggestion from the trainer like "you could have a better grip over there" could make the difference.
  4. It is hard! Rock-climbing is not an easy task, and this is amazing! It would not be so fulfilling and inspiring if you were not required to give your very best to reach the top. Teams unite through tough shared experiences, especially the most challenging or successful ones.
  5. It is fun! There is something very special about rock-climbing that is addictive! Once you overcome the fear, climbing it is not only fun and interactive, it is also an excellent workout.

What are you waiting for? We at SunnyWay Team Building offer you different rock-climbing options like In Motion Workout and Double Descent/Rock Climb. Arrange a rock-climbing team building to go higher and higher with your motivation towards success!


And what about those who are too afraid of heights, suffer from vertigo or have never climbed before? We will bring to your event a special climbing wall you can enjoy because you are not going up, but the wall is going down. This technology is called ClimbStation™, an electrically driven rock-climbing treadmill whose level of difficulty and angle can be easily adjusted. This device can be utilised without the use of harnesses and protections and allows to do specific workouts for different targets. Moreover, it is possible to easily move the ClimbStation™ in different positions. As you can see from the photo, even a child can do it :)