Rowing Team Building

Rowing is a wonderful activity that can involve all types of people with different skills, aptitudes, goals and ideas. As opposed to other sports, each teammate must contribute to the balance, the direction and the speed of the boat. Success is obtainable only through patience and teamwork. This is what makes rowing a unique team building experience and the ideal sport.

Communication is the key to rowing, since physical communication is conveyed to each member of the crew by the movements of the boat and by the feedback of verbal communication. Before each session, crews discuss their goals, how to achieve them and how they feel about the challenge. After the rowing session, teams will discuss their performances, whether they reached their goals, what went well and, most of all, what went wrong. Not everyone is going to agree on everything and feel the same way as everybody else. However, they all have one thing in common...they all want to win!

Teamwork is crucial to the success for any business, but it is not automatic, and it must be developed over time. Just as in rowing, making your teams work cohesively requires training and personal growth. In rowing, teamwork is a process based on a group of people that work together towards a shared goal. Rowing helps teams build synergies and improve teamwork even outside of the working place. It is a non-conflictual sport that involves a minimum part of physical impact.

We will provide all rowing equipment (and in some cases also facilities) and the staff required to offer top-class programmes and events.