Without a doubt, rugby is the most efficient team sport as regards team training and formation. In fact, it is highly centred on group effort, not individual effort, and choosing the best strategy is fundamental to score a try. Each team member gives their best in an environment full of engagement, collaboration and mutual support.

Rugby also involves flexibility: the only way to move forward is to pass the ball backwards to your teammates, which is a paradox that requires a constant mental readjustment to the specific situation. This rule infuses the participants with the consciousness that, for a group, the only way forward is to move all together sustaining each other. Without mutual support, it is impossible to move forward.

Rugby is based on the concept of rotating leadership. The member who holds the ball is the leader in that particular moment and it is up to them to make decisions on behalf of the entire group: other teammates trust and follow them with confidence, moving in accordance with their choices. When the ball is passed backwords, there will be a new leader and new instructions to follow, but the ultimate common goal remains clear, and team members keep playing with the utmost trust in each other.

A set of exercises will bring participants together, establishing contacts that usually people try to avoid at work, which ends up widening the difference and the distance between co-workers. The passage of the ball to a teammate must be properly executed, that is to say, only when the teammate is in a better position, and not to give up the responsibility. In the end, the match will be fun and safe, always minding the safety of participants and the different abilities of each individual.

This game is way safer than the typical rugby matches because there is no physical contact: the opponent cannot be stopped with a tackle, but when the adversary grabs the small flag attached to the opponent's belt, the game gets stopped.

The Third Half is one of the most traditional and typical experiences of rugby, and it is a moment right after the conclusion of the match when the two opposite teams drink and eat all together and exchange opinions about the match in the clubhouse of the hosting team.