Any sport will help you build character and diligence, but volleyball has unique moves that give you mental, physical and emotional skills to take with you off the pitch. You learn great time management skills, sportsmanship, responsibility and teamwork, but there is much more you can learn in the game.

The importance of the team
Every player on the pitch has a specific and important role: every single player is crucial for every single game and if a person relaxes or distracts, the whole team is conditioned by it. On the contrary, the team doesn't just depend on the stars because they can't do their job without the rest of the team. This applies to everything you do in life.

The result of the game is in your hands: it's up to you to improve the ball and work together as a team, it's up to you to look at the block and look for an opening, it's up to you to throw yourself only to prevent the ball from hitting the ground, it's up to you take control and be a leader, it's all up to you.

Trust is the key
Trust is the key. During the match, there will always be those who fight and try to distract you or get you messed up. Regardless of what  people can say or do, the only person who decides if any of these matters is you. Once you stop believing in yourself, others will see it and believe it. Being shy will not get you anywhere in life. Be confident and know that you can accomplish everything that comes to your mind, regardless of how many obstacles you may find. For these and many other reasons, volleyball is one of the greatest team sports that exists and with team building Volley we will prove it to you.