Motivational Keynote


Attract, involve, excite, direct

The Emotional Keynote is built on the foundations of communication to the public: we are not talking about a simple awareness-raising intervention, but an involvement event; it does not just deliver a message, but plays on the keys that allow the audience to experience a more meaningful and intense experience. Like? Through a four-step process:

Attract: we focus the attention of the audience through curiosity, the unexpected and the wise use of the channels for the passage of information.
Involve: we put people at the center of the intervention with exercises and games, and we use their contributions to direct the speech.
Excite: we work on the emotional levers that guide the choices, to create a deep anchor between their needs and the content of the keynote.
Direct: we bring the public to action, highlighting their role and making the "next step" natural and fluid.

Elio Zoccarato has created the right formula to motivate, amuse, communicate, surprise, involve in an hour of brilliant and effective presentation.