Team Growing


Experiential training is a method that has proven to be very powerful in promoting communication, improving collaboration, stimulating creativity, leaving one's selfishness and motivating individuals to achieve a common goal.

It works so much that more and more often, at the end of a successful experience, the participants ask us: "And now?" After a team has started to undertake a "team building" job, what can it do to move forward?

What can be done to naturally develop everyone's skills, and consequently to further grow the team, its performance and its success?

The more the Team Building experience is successful, the more punctual these questions come: I believe that trainers have the duty and the opportunity to look inside and look for possible answers. From coagulating to growing, this is the new challenge of SunnyWay Team Building.




The Growing Team

Our experiential meetings are a green gym where you can train a sort of green thumb in growing yourself in a harmonious way, also starting to work on motivation and personal growth, on techniques to build it yourself and to share it within the group, on how to maintain it over time and strengthen it, with the aim of creating proactivity, self confidence and tension towards change even in those who are most discouraged or defensive.

The discovery of an energy, which sometimes you do not even know you have, and the acquired techniques give the possibility to easily transfer the winning mentality to colleagues and collaborators, assisting and encouraging them, helping them to get involved, to calibrate changes and make them accept, just like a good gardener does with his plants.

And it works! By crossing Team Building activities and innovative Motivation Techniques you get amazing results.