For more than 20 years, SunnyWay Team building has been offering its creativity to companies that want to organize original events and impact to motivate their staff, for unconventional training or to offer a unique evening. 


Concrete experience, active listening and pro-activity are the tools of change for leaders. Team building is the key to involvement.

Sunnyway Team Building is one of the first companies to bring to a new way of creating events to Italy, based on expertise and team building "Learning by doing".

The internal workshop continuously and autonomously creates new formats based on market and specific needs of you the customers in order to always meet the objectives of your team.

Sunnyway is capable of offering you the management and location of your choosing for events and team building in Italy and abroad: Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Turin, Genoa, Naples, Bari, Perugia, Pescara, Palermo, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London...



SunnyWay Team

 Elio Zoccarato

Creative director of SunnyWay Team Building, creating innovative and emotional concepts, projects that can transform the most conventional meetings and conventions into communication events. Specialized in engagement, emotions, lateral thinking, fusion between genres, methods, arts, ideas.

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Tel.: +39 335.5392991


Monique Macchiavelli

Monique Macchiavelli has been working in the field of events for over 25 years in the creation of footage for major national and international brands, directing live events and is a show caller for major national and international Conventions.

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Tel.: +39 331.5980243

Our key strengths.

More than 15 years of experience in creativity.

Team building

SunnyWay Team building works continuously on the choice of team building and formats suitable for the growth of the working group.

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Interactive events and shows. Theme dinners with interactive activities. Artists and performances for evenings of great impact.

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The SunnyWay Team building experiential training is a training used to develop behavioral skills and abilities.

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